MS- Nov 2017

Gentlemen only need to apply...

I emailed Cherish to introduce myself in July 2015 after becoming interested by her website through email. The idea was to meet in Vegas later that fall.  She was so charming and friendly that I decided I needed to meet her that summer instead.  What followed was a date better than I could've imagined.  In a little over two years, we've had four encounters.  The time spent together increases with each encounter (from five hours on our first date, to three days on our most recent date).  Needless to say, I'm more enchanted by her than ever.  

Cherish prides herself on her fitness. Her gym workouts enhance her long, wiry yet shapely figure in all the right places.  Plus she has amazing fashion sense from head to toe. I've seem her wear many different dresses, shoes, etc. that flatter her magnificent figure.  She is happy to accommodate my wardrobe requests.  I love being in public with Cherish.  She also excels at the intimate details of being a couple in public, like holding hands.    

Each date involves some activities in public.  We've shared afternoon tea, happy hour, dinner at various restaurants, and shopping on our encounters.  The more time Cherish and I spend together, the more I find we both have a fun and silly side to our personalities.  I cannot share details of the amazing activities we've shared in private. I can only say the fun public activities have served to only increase the intensity of our time spent in private.  Gentlemen, you will need to contact this treasure of a lady and treat her well to discover those pleasures.

HS- NOV 2017

I contacted Cherish after  reading her site and her reviews.  She seemed to be exactly what I was looking for in a companion: I wanted someone to spend some time with, get to know her, have her get to know me, and progress our time into more and more sensual experiences based on that foundation.  I am a "Girlfriend" man and I like connecting with the person, not just the body, and Cherish's ad and reviews reflected this quality.

I met Cherish in the morning for coffee and light breakfast so that we could meet and get to know one another.  When I saw her walking toward me in the coffee shop, there as no doubt it was her.  She is beautiful and graceful and sexy even when dressed casually, which I had asked her to do.  She saw me and smiled, we exchanged a brief hug as we met.  We spent some time talking about many things, and it quickly became clear that Cherish is special inside and out, having been shaped by many adventures in life.  Her story inspires awe and wonder, and her personality is also a joy to experience.

After breakfast we went to enjoy some private time together, Cherish is a joy to kiss, and as we continued  our time got more and more exciting and heated.  I won't go into the details other than to say that she is uninhibited, passionate, erotic, and has a fetish for doing things that no man could say no to. 

Treat Cherish like the wonderful lady she is.  She is a treasure, and she will treat you the same.

NC Fella – October 2017

Spending time with Cherish has been a desire of mine now for over a year.  Discovered Cherish via twitter and we got to know each other by exchanging tweets and messages by various means during that time.  The time has come to find a way to meet each other in person.  What better way to do that than celebrate your birthday with someone who you have great interest in meeting.  After some planning, this encounter happened and it was far better than expected.  Arrangements were made for her to travel east so that we could get to know each other better and celebrate my birthday.  While getting to know each other, we did share some quality private time together which, by the way,  was spectacular.  I hope the next time she listens to a particular song, she will remember a specific activity we shared together.  I will never forget it that’s for sure.  Cherish will make every attempt to make your time together special.  Those that she feels comfortable with and can establish some sort of trust relationship with, she will make extra efforts to ensure your time with her is unforgettable.  I can’t wait to spend more time with Cherish. 


JS- May 2017

I was headed to Las Vegas and wanted to find someone to spend my free time with when my meetings were done. After searching all of the different choices in Vegas I decided to contact Cherish. If you are looking for a beautiful ,sexy and fun companion she is the perfect choice. She is a great communicator and responds almost immediately to her emails. I booked an extended stay with her and wish we had more time to be together. She is intelligent and totally engaged when together. It was almost if we had known each other for years!   She exceeded my lofty expectations! She is an absolute treasure to have on your arm. If you decide to book with her treat her like a princess! She is truly one of a kind!


TD- August 2017

I have met Cherish several times this year . Each time was a great experience! Her pics are real and is always on time . She is a class act. I can’t wait to see her again!

GW- June 2017

Where do I begin?  Perhaps with a bit of a reflection on the current review culture.  It informs why I am writing this, to share with Cherish to use as she wishes, rather than submitting to one of the review forums online.

I am not a young man, a Vietnam-Era veteran and already qualified for social security, and I am interested in the company of a companion with whom I feel I can converse about a range of topics where I feel we share some common perspectives.  I seek a connection, that all too rare combination of stimulation of the mind and the body.  Perhaps complicated by the reality that I am not a frequent flyer in the realm of seeking companionship from an escort, but I have had a couple experiences that made it clear to me what I seek in a companion.  

I discovered Cherish on Twitter.  Spent some time looking at her website, then reading what she wrote.  Over time, I gained a sense of a woman who had that combination of maturity, engagement, humor, and values that captured my imagination. 

When I reached out to Cherish, I shared information to establish a connection, who I am, what I do, how to verify me.  I think, that once one takes the leap, you establish and earn trust, by giving trust.  Yes, I know, by some of today’s standards, old fashioned … perhaps foolish … but the old hippy in me has to still believe in the positive.

OK, enough of that.  Seriously, you did not come to read this to learn about me!

Cherish is a gem.  She is genuine, engaging, personable.   I was immediately at ease when we arranged a time and location to meet. 

Look at her website.  This is a very accurate image of a slender, athletic, mature woman.  She knows how to engage your mind, and your body.  

Part of the reason I do not participate in the review board culture is, that as a fellow of a certain generation and temperament, I do not wish to reduce my interaction with her to some menu.  I have never read any of her reviews there, I do not subscribe to get the “VIP” information.  Frankly, I prefer to be engaged in an interaction where there is not some pre-defined road map … if I want this, it will happen … while still understanding the broad scope boundaries of acceptable behaviors.

Cherish is, ultimately, a mature woman who knows how to bring me pleasure.  I am confident, if you gave her the information required to establish a connection, that she would know exactly what you needed to reach the objective you have in mind.

I found our conversation engaging.  Our dinner out a joy … although I think I would like to take her to some place more special next time.   Our private time, was a wonderful exploration and discovery of pleasures, familiar and new.   While not the most seasoned veteran, my time with Cherish was among the most pleasurable erotic dances in which I have participated.

I could not recommend her more highly – at least if you wish to share the company of a woman who is intelligent, engaging, and very skilled at helping you discover your ability to engage in sensual adventure.

I will find a way … to be with her in Las Vegas, or bring her to me in a city we could mutually enjoy.  We have already discussed New Orleans … and I can only imagine the joy of sharing my passion for that location with her.