Bondassage, Elysium, and Body Dancing

Maybe you've heard whispers of these experiences from friends or colleagues. An experience that really helped them let go, escape, and dive deep into uninterrupted pleasure.

An experience that made them forget about their responsibilities and left the decision-making to someone else- except all the decisions made would result in pleasures completely unknown until then.

Ready for a massage unlike any you've had before? Mild restraints help you to relax. Sensory deprivation with a blindfold and sound-cancelling headphones take your mind to another realm. Your body, though? Your body becomes mine to explore as I sensually experiment and play to find out what brings you the most pleasure. From lightly brushing your skin with rabbit fur to kissing your flesh with my flogger, I'll lead your body on a journey that will have you surrendering to pleasure. Whether you're experienced with the true release that comes with surrender or wanting to dip your toes into these sensual and warm waters for the first time, I'd love to be your guide.

What's the difference, you ask?

Bondassage involves light bondage, sensual massage, and a selection of pleasurable toys that will tantalize all five senses. Music playing from headphones takes you deeper into sensory deprivation. You'll be lightly and comfortably restrained, either to a bed or a massage table, and your eyes will be covered with a soft blindfold. Both the headphones and blindfold allow you to turn your thoughts and attention inward- the only thing to pay attention to is what your body feels. I only use lite sensations which will give you tears of pleasure!

1.5 HOURS $500 add fetish $50

Elysium is for the sensual massage enthusiast seeking the ultimate in sensory experiences. We will play with your sensual boundaries and bring you into entirely new dimensions of pleasure! Elysium focuses on the senses, alternating soft strokes and caresses on the most erogenous parts of your body. You'll experience both intense relaxation and pleasure while your body takes a journey to the edge and back, over and over again. Learn to ride the waves while extending your pleasure for the ultimate in release. 

1.5 HOURS $450 add fetish $50

Body Dancing   is my unique take on a body to body massage- I use my full body to sensually massage away tension and tantalize your senses. I use organic massage oils for my Body Dances- the oils moisturize the skin, are soothing, and easy to clean up with just a quick shower afterwards. If you're curious about adding a little kink, I'm more than happy to add in light bondage/blindfolding! 

1.5 HOURS $350 add restraints $50

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