Hello now that I have your attention, let's spend some time together! I want to tantalize all five of your senses .

Yes it is "Cherish" and the meaning is to hold dear or show affection and with me and our time together that is what you will get!

 I have shown you all the different ways I show affection and the tools I use to take you on this pleasure seeking journey, I invite you to come along for the ride! I know you will enjoy the discovery as much as I do !

Any experience 6 hours or longer will require a non refundable 20% deposit to book an appointment, the deposit should be sent within 5 days to reserve the requested date. 

*Any experience over 3 hours requires us having a bite to eat in a social environment where we can grab a snack and form a friendship. I enjoy all different types of cuisine. As long as not to spicy !

Couples or one on one :

1.5 hours:    $600 -  An Introduction

2.5 hours :  $ 900 - The Chameleon (  consists of lite BDSM)          

  3 hours :   $ 1200 - Smiling and eye gazing      

*6 hours :   $ 1500 -  Connection time  (*Deposit of 20% required)  

*12 hours: $2500   -  Night of Passion ( Deposit of 50% required)

  •  Retreat and Regenerate (*Deposit of 50% required)

 *3 days :  $3500     - * 5 days :  $ 6500     - Discovery continues

Couples or one on one :

Out of towner special and or local Packages

3 sessions for any experience of 90 min for $997 , a savings of $332 a session .

All you will need to do is contact me for the details I will need a $250 deposit to book the 3 sessions. This is a great way to make a connection and become more intune with your five senses and how they play a role in pleasure. Then I will explain to you and teach you how you can achieve a higher level of enjoyment alone or with a partner. By the last session you will know all my secret pleasures of the mind and body!

Adventure Packages:

These are suggestions- I can put together whatever adventure you would like to experience.

Gun Club, Top Golf, Dancing, Hockey, Hiking , Skiing, Nascar,UTV, Thrill seeking ,
 Concerts, Biking,Sailing, Kayaking or name your fun!   

 (sleeping time of at least 6 hours each day) ! off the clock

*total of 4 days continuous


Intimacy Coaching for couples or one on one- Visit my Everyone has a Kink tab for more information ! 

 While I am vacationing I like to explore different cities and points of interests! If I am in your area drop me an email it would be my pleasure to meet you! Ask to see my calendar.

Or if I am in my base city "Las Vegas" fly me to you! I love to fly anywhere you might want to show me a new adventure!

West or North - 2 hour minimum and East or South - 6 hour minimum  plus all lodging and transportation to and from airport.

Contact me for details