I do so look forward to meeting you and spending time together!

The easiest way to book time with me is by making sure your screening is taken care of ahead of time. You're welcome to submit information below, or by emailing me at cherishoriley@cherishoriley.net. Regardless of how you choose to connect, I still need the same information in email that I ask for in the form below.

Please keep my cancellation policy in mind:

I do understand that life happens and sometimes our date needs to be cancelled. Please inform me of this as soon as possible. Cancellations made 48 hours prior to our date will incur a 50% cancellation fee. If you cancel our date with 24 hours notice or less, you'll be responsible for a 100% cancellation fee. Thank you for understanding!

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If so please initiate contact via their system: https://www.preferred411.com/P152504
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will only accept whitelisted , who have also been reviewed. Must also send private message to confirm verification thru their system. If you are not a member, please enter "no."
Please provide the name, email, website address and contact number for at least two current reputable companions you have spent time with. Please make sure you have let your provider know you have listed them as one of your references . This will expedite the verification process.
If you do not have two provider references, I will accept employment verification.
About our date
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a few notes on booking:

I only book for one client for the remainder of that day or evening ! I choose to see a very small volume of clientele that is what I enjoy !

I do not keep your information- once you are screened, all of your information is deleted. 

All clients must send a 20 % non-refundable deposit to reserve an encounter of 3 hours or longer. Dates of 8 hours or longer require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Please contact me and I will provide you with payment options and address.

Please confirm your date with me the same day at least two hours prior to our date. You're welcome to do this via phone, text, or email. Should you want to extend, please let me know! If I'm available to extend, please put the additional donation in the envelope.