Your friend, your confidante, and of course, your lover.

Are you looking for an experience unlike any you've had before?

Allow me to pamper you and show you exactly what true connection feels like. This experience is all about getting to know one another; I adore discovering what makes you tick! I'm a consummate conversationalist, and you'll find me an engaging companion to spend time with over dinner. I'm opinionated, clever, and witty with an ever-present flirty edge that'll keep you wanting more. Taking the time to genuinely connect with one another is of the utmost importance to me; I want to know you, and I want you to know me, too!

While discovering what's going on between your ears is always a pleasure, discovering your desires is bound to fill us both with delight! Our time together is absolutely my pleasure. I'm a sensual woman by nature- I want to know what gets you going!

From cranial to carnal, our connection will be an amazing  experience. 



I am a mature lady and I choose to be with clients that enjoy a connection and want to get to know me on a more intellectual, deeper level. I enjoy providing more than just a service. I want to give you an experience that will turn into a tradition of wanting to see me again! My philosophy is quality over quantity, and I choose who I want to spend my time with in this connection.

I only see a select few clients each month but I always welcome new friends!