I do so look forward to meeting you and spending time together!

Hello Passion seeker,

Thank you for visiting me and making that step to treat yourself to an authentic experience!

I do so love making new friends and lovers so if you would like to introduce yourself in a polite manner by either email or text awesome! I would appreciate it if you would be respectful in how you communicate to me. If there is any mention of illegal acts I will be sending your email to the trash. I would hate to miss out on an exciting connection all because you could not contain yourself and follow my requirements. 

Email is my preferred method of contact so we can become more familiar I am old-fashioned and I love to connect with you it helps with making us both know we will enjoy spending time with one another, so by all means send me a note ! You can call or text me but only after I have screened you !

Oh! and if by chance it goes to my voicemail please leave a message if you would like me to call you back.

I love hearing from my established clients feel free to always contact me with a phone call or by text !

I am a highly reviewed companion and have listed some of what my clients liked about me on my testimonial page.

The easiest way to book time with me is by making sure your screening is taken care of ahead of time.

I have provided the following options:

1- You can click the Appointment Request Form and complete and hit submit making sure you answer all red starred boxes or it will not send.

2- You can send an email to me providing below information.

Either option will provide you a way to make a reservation with me for an appointment.  Once the screening process is completed you will get a reply from me it usually takes me about 24 to 48 hours to get back to you. If you have not heard from me by then there was a problem with my email and it was not sent to you. I did not ignore you so please reach out to me by twitter or my contact number.



  • Full Name

  • ID picture - (Just need the name and picture hide all other info on document this is for screening only)

  • Age

  • City, State of Residence

  • Cell phone number (for screening only, no contact unless directed)

  • Date, Time , Length of desired meeting

and a employer website or linked in profile with your name and picture to verify that you are the individual requesting the booking. 

   I will not be able to meet you without verification. I require a mutual trust with those I want to spend my time with, if you are not interested in this form of companionship please look elsewhere thank you!

Those with a completed  verification  get first priority on my schedule.

Please keep my cancellation policy in mind:

I do understand that life happens and sometimes our date needs to be cancelled. Please inform me of this as soon as possible. Cancellations made 48 hours prior to our date will incur a 50% cancellation fee. If you cancel our date with 24 hours notice or less, you'll be responsible for a 100% cancellation fee. Thank you for understanding!

a few notes on booking:

I only book for one client for the remainder of that day or evening ! I choose to see a very small volume of clientele that is what I enjoy !

I do not keep your information- once you are screened, all of your information is deleted. 


All clients must send  an email to introduce themselves and screening information. If you do not have that included then I can not book your experience.

Please confirm your date with me the same day at least two hours prior to our date. You're welcome to do this via phone, text, or email. Should you want to extend, please let me know! If I'm available to extend, please put the additional donation in the envelope.