Before the internet!

I had a really enjoyable experience on one of my adventures I wanted to share with you.

A place where there was no cell phone or internet service. It was as if I was transported back in time to a place before the internet. A quiet winding road back behind the White Mountains of California. It was a very peaceful retreat and a great place to regenerate. 

We had our very own private house , which they called a bunk house but it was not any bunk house I had ever seen.  It was clean & immaculate with A/C and a southwestern decor. Then outside you had your own private hot tub plumbed with fresh hot spring water that spurted right out from Mother Earth . We sat there looking out at the most breathtaking view of the meadows and mountains in the distance as the sun disappeared over the horizon. The only sound was the rustling of the nearby Aspen leaves in the breeze! 

The rest of the evening was just as enjoyable. I learned how to play my first game of Chess. The atmosphere was perfect with no distractions from the outside world, and a wonderful gentleman to show me the game . We had a very stimulating challenge ! I  think he let me win.  After my brain had , had all of the strategy it could gather it was time to turn our attention to each other.

Romance and candles the perfect ending !

Cherish O'Riley