Memorial weekend 2018

This Memorial Weekend will be a very memorable one because I shared it with a wonderful gentleman , who served in the military ! We had a wonderful time experiencing some renovated resorts and new venues.
The first day we visited  the  Park MGM and I will have to say they have done a very nice job renovating the previous old Monte Carlo. Wow! it is really an improvement ! Check it out you will be impressed, it is very relaxing, and I love the park theme. You really feel like you are walking around in a park.  Also the pool is in a garden setting and has been completely redesigned and there is a nice cafe called Primrose that has great breakfast and Lunch as well In my opinion !
Then we headed on over to Harrahs to the new Valley Towers remodeled wing which was a very nice improvement as well! I am glad to see the older hotels are updating they needed face lifts.
Our entertainment for the evening was Tenors of Rock a fairly new 5 man vocals group from the UK  at Harrahs . This is a mix of 2 Brits, 1 Scot and 2 Ausie's who make up the 5 man vocalists and a 3 person band that backs them up! Wow we really had fun it was just long enough and boy do they rock with so much charisma! They really get involved with the audience. All you Baby boomers such as us, will especially relate to this venue . It was like we were transported back in a time machine. Rocking out at our High school or College prom night. The songs were a blast from our past but sung in their unique style !  These men are talented singers and their voices are phenomenal . They sung one song and it gave me the chills. I highly recommend them and I hope they get a bigger venue in Vegas because they were spectacular in my opinion !
The next day we went for the amateur hour downstairs in the piano bar-  Karaoke singing that was quite entertaining. Everything from Cold play to Elvis was sung! Yes I love to sing ! No I did not that would take some doing to get me behind the mic I am very shy! Dancing no problem!
  Then off to Hells Kitchen to experience the newest restaurant in town. They had a nice menu and the chef special was a great price!  The braised short ribs and mushrooms were excellent Yum!  They had so much food I couldn't eat it it all had leftovers :) 
So suffice it to say we parted with happy memories of good food , song and fun  until we meet again !
Cherish O'Riley