My San Diego adventure!

I just got back from my adventure from San Diego and  I wanted to share some of the fun things I did with my client.
The first day we went Kayaking to the La Jolla Caves . I recommend La Jolla Sea Caves Kayaking tour it was really fun, we did tandem, but I would do a single the next time so that you can maneuver and paddle easier. The kayak is much shorter and you are the only one paddling so there is no timing involved. If you know how to both row in sync then tandem is fun ! The guides were amazing and extremely helpful !
The second day we went sailing in the San Diego harbor and it was  a cloudy day but that didn't matter it was a beautiful sailboat called Lana Kai meaning "Afloat on Calm Oceans" and the captain was a great host! He provided snacks, drinks and a beautiful tour! We lucked out and there was enough wind to get us all the way down to the opening of the great blue ocean and then back to the harbor. I recommend San Diego Sailing Tours.
The third day we went on an e-cross bike tour up to Soledad Mountain and cruised all around La Jolla and up to the top of a 360 degree view. It was the highlight of our activities outdoors because I was able to actually use my own power as well as get some assistance from the electric motor on the trek up the steep climb. It is a doozy but way worth it! I recommend San Diego Fly Rides five star all the way! I loved it so much I am considering buying one of the bikes!
The rest of the time was warmth ,caring, connection, exploring, and pleasure !



Cherish O'Riley