The story of Cherish O'Riley

Ok so here it is how I created Cherish O’Riley! I am wanting to let you know about this because it is a pretty crazy way to start a business. I came from a corporate environment and then entered into an industry of entertainment and service. In my mind all business starts the same.

Actually, all business has the same foundation it has a plan , a mission , a license, service or product and a brand. I have applied ethics and integrity to the operations of my business. This was the only way I would ever run a business and I have always provided my service and entertainment in this manner.

You are probably wondering why did I decide to get involved in the service of offering companionship? This is a very good question and is twofold. I was not forced into it as society would want you to believe, no it was completely my choice . I could have figured something else out, but life has a way of throwing challenges your way. When you suffer a traumatic event you go into a fight or flight mode.

I am resourceful and knew since I was a sincere, caring and loving woman that I would be an excellent provider. I am a empath by nature and I feel everything that is affecting you inside and out. I have had this ability since I was a child. However, I never realized how powerful this ability was until I experienced this major trauma.

I suffered a head on collision in 2013 going about 55 mph , actually was going 85 mph trying to slow down to 55 mph and resulted in a traumatic brain injury. After recovering from this accident I realized that I would no longer be able to perform in my trained profession. I sustained injury to the part of my brain that controls cognitive thinking and memory recall . So what do you do when life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

I accepted the loss and when I did I discovered the gift of what I received a rebirth , A second chance at life. A new person emerged and my sensory abilities became magnified as well as my creative side. I actually was a different personality not so uptight or overly extreme! More free and open so this was a natural transition and it just fell right into place.

Now you are probably wondering how on earth did I end up in Vegas of all places well I was tricked , but I was not going to let that keep me from surviving. I am very resourceful so I arrived and started to make a go of it here ! Vegas is the perfect place to experience your wildest fantasies and love beyond all dimensions! This is not an easy business , but it has been very rewarding and I have met amazing people . I know in my future endeavors that I will grow and improve from my experiences of the past. This journey is not ending just taking another road so I will continue to survive.

The one thing I will tell you is I am your ultimate survivor. I will tell you about that on a future blog!

Cherish O'Riley