If you told me ten years ago that I’d be providing companionship for select gents and couples, I’d have told you “no way!” However life’s twists and turns brought me to where I am today.

Maybe my story is relatable in some way- my family is grown with lives of their own; my divorce finalized years ago; my professional life came to an abrupt halt with that dreaded word “downsizing.” The proverbial slate of my life was wiped clean! While my newly found freedom was intoxicating, I found myself at an impasse. I knew my life’s work wasn’t finished, and romantically, dating left a lot to be desired. As a woman who’s kept herself in great shape and adores men and couples, I knew there had to be a better way.

One evening while having drinks with a dear friend, the world of professional companionship was brought to my attention. That fateful conversation happened three years ago, and I couldn’t be more grateful that it did!

Since that conversation and my entry into the world of professional companionship, I’ve been truly blessed to have met so many wonderful lovers- gents, couples, and ladies alike- and I so look forward to continuing to meet wonderful people in this way!

This current adventure in the world of companionship has led me to discover my true caring and passionate self. The connections I’ve made this way are truly treasured. I cherish those who have allowed me to become a part of their lives, even if only for a brief time. I take great pride in my work, and see myself as a refined companion. I’m always learning new and exciting ways to connect with people both physically and mentally, and firmly believe that quality outweighs quantity when it comes to both connections and companionship. This belief allows me to be fully present and concentrated on you and our time together. It also allows me to have the energy to cultivate our relationship with one another. Because of this, I’m very particular about who I spend my time with- it allows our time together to be fulfilling for both of us!

I lead a very healthy lifestyle, and it’s reflected in everything about me. My skin is glowing and smooth, my body lithe, svelte, lean, and flexible. Time in the gym, as well as yoga and ballet, have granted me with a dancer’s figure- complete with long, slender legs. My sense of style is eclectic and always stylish; I’m as comfortable in black-tie attire as I am in jeans and a tee shirt. Let’s not forget, having an eclectic wardrobe also helps me fulfill even the wildest of role play requests!

I’m a practiced conversationalist, and I doubt there’s a topic we couldn’t discuss. I’m intelligent, educated, and have years of knowledge that comes along with working in corporate environments. Lest I forget- my sense of humor will show itself quickly, as will my playful nature! I’m always up for a bit of playful banter. Depending on your mood and our connection, I love to converse about wide-ranging topics and love hearing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

If you’re an upscale gent or couple seeking high-quality, individualized companionship, you’ll find me an ideal match and a true pleasure to be with. I love to please whether we are at a social gathering or exploring one another more privately. I’m excited to deliver satisfaction in almost any form you desire.

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Until then,